GloPoWriMo 2021: Day 11

April 11, 2021 Donna M Day No comments exist

Today is the eleventh day of GloPoWriMo and today’s poetry prompt was to write a two-part poem, in the form of an exchange of letters.

I really struggled with this one and made some notes on a call and response style poem, ending up with one which is half based on that and half a kind of a letter. I hope you enjoy it.


I saw you in my dreams last night
and it was Christmas.

You both looked the same
but didn’t say a word.

I miss you both so much
and always will.

You took her by the hand
and guided her along the path, twice.

I am sorry if I did something to deserve
being left alone to find my own way.

You both forgot everything,
yourselves, them, me.

I miss you both so much
please send a sign to say

you are still here with me
as I know you are and always will be.




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