GloPoWriMo 2021: Day 20

April 20, 2021 Donna M Day No comments exist

Today is the twentieth day of GloPoWriMo and we’re two thirds of the way through! Today’s prompt was to write a sijo.

As you know I don’t get on with poems where I have to count syllables. And I get on even less well with poems where I have to count lines. I do usually manage to pull them out of the bag for GloPoWriMo, but I tried really hard with this all day and got nothing. So I’ve gone off prompt with this one, but did manage to get the twist in at the end. I hope you enjoy it.


For two and a half decades
nothing was wrong
that wasn’t imagined.

The proof of breakage
in black and white
a glowing blue tint
with a tell-tale shadow.

Cling to their solution
and stitched securely.

Permanence is safety.
Ceramic and bone married.
Brightly coloured ribbons
decorate the healed limb.

There is security in symmetry
and the beauty of imperfection
is only realised
when you can no longer put your own socks on.




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