GloPoWriMo: Day 17

It’s the seventeenth day of GloPoWriMo and today’s prompt was to write a poem re-telling a family anecdote that has stuck with you over time. It could be the story of the time your Uncle Louis caught a home run ball, the time your Cousin May accidentally brought home a coyote and gave it a bath, thinking it was a stray dog, or something darker (or even sillier).

I have written a poem inspired by my grandparents’ Golden wedding anniversary.  I hope you enjoy it.


Looking at the picture
Straight back
Black suit
White tie
White dress
Flaring out
On a summer’s day
Back then
Arm in arm

Looking at the couple
Dressed up
For the occasion
Rarely apart
Moulded together by time
By each other

She said to him
I can tell it’s you
But it looks nothing like her

Looking across at his wife
On his golden anniversary
He frowned

She doesn’t like any different to the day I married her

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