GloPoWriMo: Day 23

It’s the 23rd day of GloPoWriMo and today’s prompt was to write a poem based in sound. The poem, for example, could incorporate overheard language. Perhaps it could incorporate a song lyric in some way, or language from something often heard spoken aloud (a prayer, a pledge, the Girl Scout motto). Or you could use a regional or local phrase from your hometown that you don’t hear elsewhere, e.g. “that boy won’t amount to a pinch.”

I have written a poem about sound projection in theatre inspired by today’s rehearsal for the production of Julius Caesar I am in over summer.  I hope you enjoy it.


Louder, louder
I can’t hear you
Say again
Repeat repeat

A nod
A smile
A look of bewilderment

Say again
I can’t hear you

Don’t shout!

1 Comment on “GloPoWriMo: Day 23

  1. Hi Donna Day
    You’ve had your say
    You must relax and push the sound out
    Support the voice and don’t then shout out
    Sinuses clear, no nasty cold
    Think ahead, in front and above
    Then a glass of single malt ?
    This spirit sings without a fault.

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