Rubery Book Award – Winner Announced

July 6, 2020 Donna M Day No comments exist

And the winner is… What May Come of Our Darkness – Robin Anne Nettles!

After all the excitement of The Forgotten and the Fantastical 5 being shortlisted in the Short Stories category of the Rubery Book Award, we didn’t take away the top prize in the end, but it was so lovely to be nominated and, of course, What May Come of Our Darkness, has been added to my to be read pile.

Also, the Judges’ comments were awesome, and I was very lucky to get an individual mention. There is a spoiler in their full comments, so I have edited this out in case you haven’t read my story yet:

“This is a strong anthology of fables and fairy stories re-written and there’s some interesting stuff here. The judges enjoyed and admired several of the stories: Angela Readman’s evocative reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood in the manner of Angela Carter has weight; Katie Grey’s The Glass Legs (or, it’s easier than you think), explores gender and sexuality an imaginative way; Donna M Day’s story… has an enjoyable twist at the end; Rosie Garland’s story, Princess, Star, Brilliant,  about patriarchal conditioning is creepy and well-judged; and Jonty Levine’s Human Point-oh, in which bald men’s hair grows back following a computer upgrade was a favourite of one of the judges for personal reasons!  A strong collection.”

Other books from the shortlist and winners I’m adding to my to be read pile are:

  • The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit by Eleanor Fitzsimmons Winner: Non Fiction
    • I loved The Railway Children growing up so am looking forward to learning more about the author behind the book.
  • Dodging Satan by Kathleen Zamboni McCormick Shortlisted: Fiction
    • This sounds like a great book. I’m really interested in religion and also love books which explore feminism and experiences of immigration.
  • Take It Lying Down by Jim Linnel Shortlisted: Non Fiction
    • I am passionate about the theatre and, as someone who works and puts so much into that world while living with a physical disability, this definitely sounds like a must read.
  • Shore to Shore – Tamsin Hopkins Shortlisted: Short Stories
    • I love being near water, it’s a big part of my living near the coast, and this sounds like an interesting collection of watery tales.
  • Not Dead Yet and Other Stories – Hadley Moore Shortlisted: Short Stories
    • I’m not going to lie; a bird that says Nevermore was enough to get me interested in this one.

I will of course let you know my thoughts on all of the books once I have read them.

Please do let me know if you have read any of the winning or shortlisted books and what you thought of them. I’d also love to hear if any of them have been added to your to be read piles.

In the meantime, The Forgotten and the Fantastical 5 is available to purchase from Mothers Milk Books.

Happy reading!

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