World Bee Day 2023

May 20, 2023 Donna M Day 1 comment

Happy World Bee Day!

It’s lovely weather today, and round about the middle of No Mow May, so it’s a great time to enjoy the garden as our lawn is filled with wildflowers which bees love.

Today is a day to remember how important bees are, for all of us, and how vital it is that we do everything we can to support them. You can help bees by planting wildflowers and a wide variety of other plants in your garden or windowboxes, buying local honey and sponsoring a hive, or even making room for one in your own garden if you can.

I’m honestly absolutely terrified of bees, and wasps, and hornets, but would never kill any – the other week a huge bee was making itself at home in our bathroom so I opened the window wide, shut the door and legged it until it left. So even if they’re not your favourite visitor, you can still do a bit to help them out.

Here’s a little poem in honour of the day.

Buzzing Bee

Sitting in the sun I see
a buzzing little bumblebee
flying near a blossom tree
and coming far too close to me.

Loud the buzzing of its wing,
frightened of its tail’s sting
its use will end of lifetime bring.

I think I best get back inside.
For to be stung I can’t abide,

of course, the bees have to survive,
if we are all to stay alive.


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