World Otter Day 2023

May 31, 2023 Donna M Day No comments exist

Happy World Otter Day!

Today’s weather has been much cloudier than recent days, but it was nice to get a bit cooler and it definitely made Molly Cat much happier as she has been quite grumpy in the heat.

Hot spring days are of course a reminder that our climate is changing every year, and today is a day to remember how important otters are. Just like our bee friends, otters play a key role in the state of nature. They are a key species to support biodiversity and their presence and health can say a lot about the wellbeing of an area.

You can help otters by supporting the International Otter Survival Fund, litter picking and not throwing litter, not flushing hazardous chemicals or cat litter, and purchasing products in reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

To celebrate the otters’ special day, here is a cute poem in honour of all of the hard work mother otters do for their pups.

Baby Otter’s Bedtime

It’s a lotta fun to be an otter
and juggle tiny stones.
Don’t throw my favourite pebble though
I need it to open tomorrow night’s tea.

Come along now,
time for your bath.
Lovely fluffy fur.
Let me tuck you into your kelpy blanket.

Hold my hand,
so you don’t get lost.
It’s easy to float apart
while you’re having a nap.

Time for sleep little one.
Once upon a time
there was a wicked creature
with two legs and no fur.

This wicked creature
threw plastic into the water.
You must never eat it
and always swim as far away from it
as you can.

Sleep tight little one.
I’ve got you,
safe and sound.

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