A Brief History of this Week

RIP Professor Hawking

This week brought the very sad news that Professor Stephen Hawking had passed away.  Hawking was an inspiration in both the world of science and to human beings everywhere with his ability to laugh at himself and the world and not allow the illness which he suffered from for much of his life to stop him from achieving what he wanted to.  His work decluttered the often overwhelming world of physics bringing clarity to the complex.  I’m certain that I am not the only science fiction writer who has been inspired by him.


On Tuesday I went to one of Liverpool Network Theatre Group’s lovely workshops.  These are weekly workshops which are open to anyone and everyone and a great chance to play with theatre.  This week’s was about showing a character’s status on stage.  There were some great games exploring how to show status as an actor.  I also got to be a super aggressive airport security person and an exhausted Mum at the end of her tether and playing with extremes is always fun.

On Wednesday I saw Paint Your Wagon at the Everyman.  Musicals aren’t something I usually go out of my way to see, but my lovely friend had free tickets and it was a really good show.  Colourful, entertaining and left a I was born under a wandrin’ star earworm for a couple of days.  It’s definitely worth seeing and is on until 14 July if you want to go.

I’ve also been offered two parts in Liverpool Network Theatre Group’s upcoming production of Julius Caesar.  This summer I will be playing Flavius and Pindarus in various (indoor and outdoor) venues around Liverpool.  The play will be gender blind and many of the issues in it are relevant to the current political climate.  I’ll be working with a bunch of talented people and will keep you updated with the progress when rehearsals get underway.  Looking forward to being involved in what should be a great show.


On Friday I read some of my stories at the Tea House in Liverpool.  This was a lovely evening and I really hope everyone who came enjoyed it.  My boyfriend had some Guinness cake while we were there which they had made to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  I hope everyone had a lovely time with their celebrations.

I’ve also signed up to this year’s GloPoWriMo, so in between getting off book for the play, I’ll be writing a poem every day in April.  Glutton for punishment!  You’ll be able to read all of the poems right here on my blog.


I went on a trip to Southport where I bought this beautiful picture ‘All is Vanity’ at the Royal Arcade.

The Royal Arcade is a real Aladdin’s cave of treasures.  It’s one of my favourite places to buy antiques and vintage goodies.  Gothic is another one of my passions and this picture is in pride of place on my mantlepiece in my living room.  It was a real lucky find.

Please get in touch if the work of Stephen Hawking or any other physicists have inspired your writing.  Also do let me know if you’ll be taking part in GloPoWriMo and, if you are, where I can read your poems.

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