The February 2019 Cruelty Free Beauty Box – My Thoughts

February 28, 2019 Donna M Day No comments exist

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box provide a subscription service to cruelty free beauty products with the aim of making cruelty free beauty easier to source and more accessible for everyone.

Here are my thoughts on the February box.

Friendly Soap – Orange & Grapefruit Soap

I’m a big fan of Friendly Soap products so was excited to see one in this month’s box. The soaps are chemical free and come in plastic free packaging. Products include shampoo bars and facial cleansing bars as well as regular soap.

This scent has been included to remind us of summer days in the midwinter. The scent reminded me of an orange flavoured dairy free cake my Mum baked for my birthday a few years ago. As my birthday is in summer, it definitely triggered memories of warmer days. But the fragrance also reminded me a little of Christmas so it’s a good one for any time of the year.

The bar is slightly textured so provides gentle exfoliation and the lather pay off is amazing as always with Friendly Soap. This one did pull on the skin a little so you would need to be careful if your skin is particularly dry or sensitive.

It left skin gently moisturised and delicately fragranced.

For a stronger, longer lasting fragrance pay off you could follow with a citrus based body lotion and enhance with a citrus based perfume.

Urban Veda Purifying Body Lotion

Urban Veda create natural skincare inspired by the ancient principles of Ayurveda to help with 21st century skin complaints.

This was a lovely light body lotion with a refreshing minty fragrance which left skin pleasantly cool and softly scented.

It was very quickly absorbed and my skin was noticeably moisturised which was quite surprising for such a light lotion.

The only problem I had with this product is it is quite difficult to get out of the bottle so there are definitely improvements that could be made with the packaging.

Medusa’s Make Up XOXO Perfume Oil

Medusa’s Make Up are a cruelty free and vegan make up brand who like to push today’s beauty standards. They make my favourite mascara Witch Lash, so I was quite excited to see what they had to offer perfume wise.

This is a lovely delicate fragrance which is quite fruity and sweet.

I liked the roll on applicator which applies enough perfume oil and isless wasteful than a traditional spray.

This is very light so might not be for people who like a stronger fragrance pay off, but I think it will be very nice for spring and summer days. It also lasted much longer than I expected. I reapplied it three times throughout the day which isn’t really more than I would do with an eau de toilette.

Phase Zero Make Up – Coconut Eyeshadow in Gilded

I’m not a big fan of liquid eyeshadows as I have very oily lids so they tend to crease very quickly and vanish into nothing within about an hour. This one promises to be budge proof, so in the interests of fairness I tried it on bare lids with no primer – usually my eye make up essential.

This is described as a highly pigmented metallic eyeshadow so I was expecting it to be a definite evening product. It’s actually a lovely soft gold with a soft sheen which I think you could get away with during the day in summer.

It’s also easy to apply and dries pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, about ten minutes after it “setting” the apparently inevitable creasing began and the eyeshadow disappeared from the centre of my lid. I could also feel the make up on my eyelids so people who prefer light products might not be fans of this one.

I may experiment with combining it with powders and primers to try and save it as it is very pretty.

Pure Purpose Green Tea Balm

Pure Purpose produce natural skincare products which aim to make skincare easy and effective for everyone.

This is a cleansing balm which can also be used as a make up remover or moisturiser or to soften dry lips and cuticles. For this review I used it as a cleansing balm.

It has an earthy scent which I wasn’t too keen on and a frothy mousse like texture so was unusual to use.

A small amount did go a long way and it cleansed skin quite well left it quite soft, if a little oily. This may be more suitable for people with drier skin than mine.

My Product of the Month

This is definitely the XOXO Perfume Oil. The sunny days of earlier this week have disappeared into rain and fog, but when the real spring appears I’m pretty sure this is going to become a handbag essential for the warmer days.

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